CCW Sacramento County Course of fire

As of January 1, 2019, the following will remain the same when providing training for the CCW permitting process:

l . All Sacramento County Sheriffs Office CCW training classes must minimally include the following course of fire components to demonstrate proficient use of a weapon .

  1. Course of fire. Each individual shall discharge 50 rounds a minimum of 2 times according to the following schedule: (All stages are unsupported.)
Stage 1 15 yards 6 rounds in 30 seconds *6 standing position X
Stage 2 7 yards 14 Rounds in 45 seconds (includes 2 reloads) (load 6, 6 and 2) *6 standing position *8 knelling position
Stage 3 7 yards 6 rounds in 10 seconds (any position)
Stage 4 7 yards 12 rounds in 25 seconds (includes reload) (load 6 and 6) *6 strong hand unsupported (reload and switch hands) *6 weak hand unsupported
Stage 5 5 yards 6 rounds *3 rounds in 4 seconds (2 stages)
Stage 6 3 yards 6 rounds *2 rounds in 3 seconds (3 stages)

  • Scoring. The first course of 50 rounds discharged shall be considered practice. The second course of 50 rounds discharged shall be used for scoring.
    • Silhouette targets shall be used. A 5 point score shall be granted for each round discharged inside of the seven (7) ring (center mass).
    • Each individual shall qualify with an 80% score (200 out of 250 points) on the scoring segment.
    • Each individual shall be informed by the instructor whether his or her score passes or Fails.

2. The Sacramento County Sheriffs Office’s “CC W Training and Qualification Form” will be modified to include a certification by the instructor, under penalty of law, that the above minimal standards were met. As of January 1, 2019 the Training and Qualification Form is the ONLY form the Sacramento Sheriffs Office will accept. Firearms Instructors must continue to provide their training certificate and qualification förm.

Information obtained from Sacramento Sheriff AB2103 compliance letter.

Sheriff’s Letter to Certified Firearms Inst CCW .pdf (