CCW Placer County

New Placer county CCW applicants are required to complete a 16 training course, conducted by Placer Sheriff’s approved Instructors which includes instruction on firearm safety and the law regarding the permissible use of a firearm. In addition, you must provide validation that you demonstrated proficiency and/or qualified on each weapon you want listed on your CCW permit.
In both the initial CCW application process, as well as a re-qualification, addition or modification process, you must qualify with the weapon(s) listed on your permit. If you want to add or remove weapons from your permit, a qualification is required for all the weapons you want on the permit and you will need to schedule a “Concealed Weapons Permit Modification” appointment via the Placer County online appointment system. Upon completion of the required training course, all certificates are valid within the first year of completion. The range fee is included in the price of the class. ALL firearms included up to 3.

General Information:
• Your Interview by the Sheriff’s and Live scan needs to be completed before you take the class
• Basic pistol or equivalent training is a prerequisite requirement; this is not a beginner course.
• Classroom time, Range Qualifications and a Written test
• Guns and all needed equipment should be brought into the classroom
• Ammunition will be stored in an office adjacent to the classroom
• If shooting with a revolver, a speed loader IS REQUIRED in order to meet qualifications standards
• Be sure to stop at the metal tables in the entry area to have the guns checked for being unloaded.
• If you have not previously shot at The Gun Range, please complete and sign the waiver that you will find on clipboards at the counter. As well, read the rules and sign in the small binder on the counter.

  • Class fees include qualification with up to 3 firearms.
    • If your gun is in the DROS process and is being held at The Gun Range, please check it out for qualification.
    • Prior to the class review the qualification course of fire on the FAQ sheet of The Gun Range web-site
  • Gun(s) for qualifying - guns are needed both days
  • 50 rounds ammunition per gun for qualifications
  • Holster is not needed or required for qualification
  • 2 Mags are required, 3 Mags recommended
  • Closed toed shoes
  • High neck clothing (to keep brass from going down your shirts)
  • Magazine loader recommended (unless you are very adept at loading your magazines by hand)
  • Speed loader for revolver REQUIRED in order to qualify
  • Eye/Ear protection
  • Must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the handling and functions of your handgun
  • Notebook/Paper - note taking highly recommended!
  • Laptop if you prefer not to take notes by hand
  • Pen

Please make sure to complete the Waiver form before arriving to class