California State law prohibits any person from furnishing, loaning or otherwise providing a minor any firearm or live ammunition without the express permission of their parent or guardian. Your minor will not be allowed on the shooting range without the following signed release form. If you do not wish your minor to participate in the shooting activities, please select NO PERMISSION.

I am the parent and/or Legal Guardian of the above named minor and do hereby give permission as required by California Penal Code Sections 12552, 12070, and 12078, et. seq., and all other applicable sections of the California Penal Code to The Gun Range and all its instructors and range officers, to furnish a firearm, BB gun, Air Rifle, Pellet Gun, or CO2 Gun and Ammunition to said minor for the purpose of instructing them in the safe handling of firearms, safe shooting, and marksmanship. I do further agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Gun Range and all officers, members, partners, affiliates, employees, and volunteers thereof, from all suits or actions brought forth relating to, or on account of, any injuries or damages received or sustained by any person or persons by or from the consequences of any negligence or any action, or act of omission of the above named minor occurring during the course of said instruction.