Exposed Firearms Requalification

An EXPOSED FIREARM PERMIT holder must qualify four times during the two year permit period before expiration. Included is a required two hour course that will review the Escalation of Force, as well as a live-fire range qualification. The Permit holder must complete two (2) qualifications each year of the permit, and each qualification must be at least four months apart.

Duration: 2 hours (CALL The Gun Range at 916-972-1484 to schedule a time. Please ask for ROD, the course scheduler)

Fees: $70 for the course and first caliber + $10 per additional caliber. Handguns can be rented for $10 each + plus the cost of range provided ammunition. Targets are provided. Eye and Ear Protection can be rented. Fees will be collected the day of the course.

1. A Passing score of at least 85% on the written examination which must be completed before the firearms qualification.
2. FIREARM (.38, 9mm, .40 or .45) and OUTSIDE THE WAISTBAND HOLSTER (if you don’t have one, a firearm and holster can be rented for $12 + the cost of range-provided ammunition.

3. Ammunition for the caliber you wish to qualify with

4. Appropriate range clothing and closed-toed shoes

5. CA Guard Card and Exposed Firearm Permit

6. PROOF OF RESIDENCY - BSIS requires all students to provide THE GUN RANGE with documentation of United States citizenship and/or legal residency.

This includes one of the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • INS alien resident status
  • Military DD214 (discharge honorable)
  • Military I.D.