Carry with Confidence

Our teaching philosophy is simple.

    Treat every student with respect and dignity.
    Create an environment where learning is easy to understand and fun.

Carrying a gun is a way of life, not a hobby. If you are going to carry a gun you must have the skills to get your gun out from your concealment, hit your target and keep your gun running through malfunctions and reloads. You will learn how to: Draw your gun, Fire and hit the target twice in less than 1.5 seconds, Survive a violent confrontation, Conceal your gun. All concealment types will be discussed; hip-holster, inside the parts, small of the back, cross draw, shoulder holsters, fanny packs, ankle holsters and women’s purses. Eye and ear protection are required. 300 rounds per class. 3 magazines with belt magazine holder. Class fee includes range time and targets.

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