Guard Card, Level 1


Total Course Time: 8 Hours


Part A: Power to Arrest (4 hours)

Requires passage of a written examination with a score of 100%.

The first four hours of the California security guard training is powers to arrest mandated by the State of California (California Business and Professions Code section 7583.7). This training is designed to teach new security guards about the law and how their job falls within the business and professions code.

Modules covered in this training:

The role and responsibilities of a security guard

Basic observation techniques

Where authority comes from

Inspections and searches

Arrest-able offenses

Private persons arrests

Making arrests as well as reporting

In addition to the state standards, our basic powers to arrest security guard training includes areas identified as best practices including intro to sexual harassment, emergency preparedness, checking IDs, and understanding body language.

At the end of the powers to arrest training for the California security guard training is a comprehensive final exam in which the student must achieve 100% to pass.

Part B: Weapons of Mass Destruction & Terrorism Awareness (4 hours)

The second half of the initial 8 hour California security guard training is comprised of a module on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. The outline of the course as well as much of the content is mandated by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and was developed in partnership with the private sector. The objective of the course to provide an introduction of identifying and reporting pre-incident indicators as well as assisting in controlling a scene after a terrorist incident. This training utilizes the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Weapons of Mass Destruction & Terrorism Awareness for Security Professionals student workbook and videos. In addition, our course includes an introduction to active shooter incidents.

Course Fee: $70.00