AR Basic Platform

The AR-15 is based on the 7.62mm AR-10, designed by Eugene Stoner of the Fairchild ArmaLite Corporation. The AR-15 was developed as a lighter, 5.56mm caliber version of the AR-10. The “AR” in AR-15 comes from the ArmaLite name and does not stand for ‘assault rifle’ as is commonly believed.
In this course you will be instructed in the basic history, design, fundamentals, features and function of the AR-15. You will be introduced as well to the basic tools and resources to build and repair the AR platform. In this class you will receive safety instruction as to the handling, cleaning, shooting and storage of the rifle, and finish the class with hands-on application on our range of what you have learned. Ammunition is additional and can be purchased at the retail counter. The range fee is included with the price of the class. Please bring your own firearm or you can rent one here at the range.

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